Mua mission tour (full day)

Malawi’s top cultural museum is situated in Mua, and the Chamare museum boasts a wealth for Malawian culture and history exhibiting traditional arts, crafts, weapons, implements and ornaments. Tours include a picnic lunch prepared by Blue waters finest and international chefs.




Curio and fish farm tour (2 hours)

Accompanied by a guide, bargain for some of the most interesting curios on the continent-from key holders to man sized sculptures. V
isit Malawi’s unique tropical fish farm and is renowned for its worldwide export of Malawi’s endemic and colorful cichlids, the envy of aquarists worldwide.



Fresh water snorkeling (4 hours)

The beautiful and remote maleri island is a 45 minute boat ride away, offering snorkeling in crystal clear water. Picnic lunch can be provided by the hotel on the islands.




fishingFishing village tour and view point (4 hours)

Visit one of the drying and net preparation beach areas-set up in a typical Malawian style. Talk to fishermen and experience an age-old, traditional lifestyle. Spectacular view point high above the lake, provides stunning views and photographic opportunities of the whole Senga bay areas.




kutiKuti Community Game Ranch (half and full day)

35 km from the Resort, is Kuti community game ranch. Well stocked with nyala, wildebeest, zebra, kudu and ostrich, it is one of the few places in Malawi where giraffe can be seen. Bird watching is excellent with a wide selection of indigenous species including large numbers of waterfowls on the vast natural dam.




crockCrocodile farm (half day)

The crocodile farm is located 15 km from Blue Waters. Guest have a rare opportunity to come up close with one of most Africa’s aggressive reptiles. The farm has over 1000 crocodiles with oldest being over 40 years old.




Water Sports & Other Activities

Boat Trips
Boat Cruising 15minutes MK 35,000
Kuti Game 03pax MK 50,000
Kuti Game 06pax (minimum) MK 100,000
Namalenje Island 06pax (minimum) MK 60,000
Namalenje Island 10pax (minimum) MK 100,000
Monkey Bay 10pax (minimum) MK 150,000
Monkey Bay 06pax (minimum) MK 90,000
Marelli Island 10pax (minimum) MK 120,000
Marelli Island 06pax (minimum) MK 72,000
Paddle Boat
02pax (minimum) 01 hour MK 2,500
04pax (minimum) 01 hour MK 3,000
06pax (minimum) 01 hour MK 4,000
Paddle Canons 01 hour MK 2,500
Water Tricycle 01 hour MK 3,000
Banana Boat
Per person 01 hours MK 4,000
Per person 03 hours MK 12,000
Per person 06 hours MK 20,000


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